Thursday, August 19, 2010

One Half Day

A peek into the second half of my day....

Lunch consisted of "pizza" on some homemade bread that needed to be eaten.  We ran out of pepperoni, so we used ham instead.  The kids enjoyed having a picnic on the back deck.

Tomato is looking to see how many tickets she has earned by doing her various duties and chores.  

Before the room was picked up.

After the room was picked up.

I share this closet with the girls.  This is before...

A little potty training during the closet cleaning...

After!  These pictures make me realize that no matter how much I feel I got nothing accomplished all day, I must remember all that I HAVE done.


  1. I really think that before and after pictures are the key to cleaning up big messes! Sometimes I feel like I'm working on something all day and not making a dent, but when I compare before/after pictures I can clearly see a difference. I did that in the deep abyss of no return (a.k.a. storage room) a few months ago and was amazed at my progress.

    Where did you get those little chore hangers?? They are incredibly cute!

  2. Hey Amanda! I really like the before and after pics too. I'd like to do more - really only because it makes ME feel better. :-) The chore thingies you saw are called "Accountable Kids". I'll post a little link somewhere on here. I'm still trying to figure out all these blogger tools. Poor Kathryn had to help me out last week when all my words disappeared!