Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving day has come and gone... 

The day began with a simple breakfast.  I got a late start making the coffee cake (which everyone requested), and by the time it was done, hardly anyone wanted any.  I'm not hurt,  It turned out beautiful!

Then the real cooking began!  

The stuffing was made entirely from scratch (including the bread).  After the stuffing was prepared, we browned the turkey wings, layed them on top, and baked for an hour.  This gave the stuffing real yummy turkey goodness, without being soggy.

My husband and I worked hard to put together this classic dinner.

Everything was made from scratch, and it all turned out delicious.  Those rolls are my favorite "Rustic Dinner Rolls" recipe from Cook's Illustrated.  Actually, every recipe here (with the exception of the gravy and salad) comes from Cook's Illustrated.  

This is the Thanksgiving blessing we prayed before dinner:

Father, we do well to join all creation,
in heaven and on earth,
in praising you, our mighty God
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

You made man to your own image
and set him over all creation.
Once you chose a people
and gave them a destiny
and, when you brought them out of bondage to freedom,
they carried with them the promise
that all men would be blessed
and all men could be free.

What the prophets pledged
was fulfilled in Jesus Christ,
your Son and our saving Lord.

It has come to pass in every generation
for all men who have believed that Jesus
by his death and resurrection
gave them a new freedom in his Spirit.

It happened to our fathers,
who came to this land as if out of a desert
into a place of promise and hope.

It happens to us still, in our time,
as you lead all men through your Church
to the blessed vision of peace.*
After a busy day of feasting, my wonderful little family enjoyed a fun time together!  How special it is to be able to sit and play games with our children.

Oh, I almost forgot the pie!  Here it is:
It's gorgeous, isn't it?  Well, it tasted okay.  I put too much lemon in with the apples, and I made an upper crust.  My husband prefers the streusel topping on apple pie.  I deviated.  Sorry, my Love.

Do you have recipes you like to use every year for Thanksgiving?

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