Thursday, September 16, 2010

Making Memories

A few summers ago, a close friend of mine graciously let me and the kids run a lemonade stand at her home.  On that perfect summer day, as our children were in the midst of serving fresh squeezed lemonade, my friend turns to me saying, "Memories!  You're making memories!"  That moment has stuck with me ever since. 

As a mother (and I suppose most mothers feel this way) I have this incredible desire to create wonderful, homey, comforting, and fun memories for my children. 

As much as a trip to the beach is truly memorable, so is being buried in the sand!  The feel of sand in your hair all the way down to your toes is simply delightful when you are a child.

Have you ever made hand cranked ice cream?  As a child I always thought it took "foreeeeever" for that ice cream to be done.  Yet my parents encouraged me to be patient and keep turning! 

I remember the sound of the crank, the salted ice, and the taste!  There is nothing like the taste of homemade ice cream.  It was like a little bit of magic.  I pray my children remember this.

So what is special about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?  It is such a basic thing, yet how special it is to finally be able to make your own!  Bitty is here making his first pb&j, and boy does he feel all grown up.  He put so much love into such simple little food.  How profound!  Don't mothers try to do the same thing?  We put all of ourselves into the little simple things, making memories for our little ones, making a little bit of magic.  :-)



  1. Your such a good mom~ I miss both you and your friend who told you 'we're making memories for our kids'! Next Jane Austen night please have some tea for me!

  2. Yes! Tea in your honor...minus the dead mice smell.

  3. Yea Paawsghe: Great pics of happy apple home activities! Yes, last eve. I was up very late w/ Mom dealing with an attack of some kind down the back of my right leg. Today, I had to see a Dr. & was diagnosed with "shingles". Very bad, very bad way to start a wk. end. Medication should end it. In meantime in revisiting your blog I noticed you needed some more ice for the ice cream maker + a box of course salt off to the side to lower the freezing point of the ice, in order to hasten "freezing". Oh well, it's too late! The sand pic sure reminded me of the allstar sand box we had complete with a hose faucet so you Ks could draw water to increase the mess. Looks like biddy needs no help whatsoever in his project!

  4. Great post! I love hand-cranked ice cream and used to make it on the back porch with my mom every summer. My husband seems to think it's ridiculous to make your own ice cream when you can just go to the gas station down the street and get some there, but he's learned to accept that I make my own yarn and knit my own scarves, so maybe I can keep working on the ice cream thing too.